The Objective of this year's competition is to build a throwing device powered by four springs (part number 43) that will propel a tennis ball over a high jump.


The judge will be determined on the day.


1. All parts of the model must be standard numbered Meccano parts produced by Meccano Ltd. or Meccano S.A.

2. Modification to standard parts is not allowed.

3. Each throwing contraption will weigh less than 2 lbs.

4. A standard tennis ball will be provided on the day of the competition.

5. The high jumps horizontal bar will be set at the start of the competition.

6. Each competitor can have up to two attempts to clear the bar. If the bar is cleared, the competitor will proceed to the next round.

7. At the end of each round the bar will be Raised and the next round will commence.

8. A competitor's throwing device can be any distance from the high jump as required.

9. A competitor will be allowed a maximum of five minutes to repair a model should it break down.

10. Each competitor may only enter a single model and must accompany the model.

11. Modellers are asked to name their model and to write a short model description before the competition. This makes writing the competition up an easier task. Please do take time to do this.